Digital Studies Institute faculty member, Clifford Lampe, was recently interviewed by Time for their recent article about the pitfalls of artificial intelligence.

Go to the New York Times to read the entire article, "Video of Pelosi Brings Renewed Attention to 'Cheapfakes'."


Political campaign ads and candidate messages showing opponents in a negative light have long been a staple of American politics. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams attacked each other in newspaper ads. John F. Kennedy’s campaign debuted an ad showing different videos edited together of Richard Nixon sweating and looking weak. What's different now, said Clifford Lampe, a professor of information at the University of Michigan, is how widely such content can spread in a matter of minutes. "The difference now is that the campaigns themselves, the president of U.S. himself, is able to disseminate these pieces of media to the public," he said. "They no longer have to collaborate with media outlets."