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Course Offerings

All courses with the course code "DIGITAL" at the 200-level or above may be used towards the Digital Studies minor.

Digital Studies related courses that do not appear on these lists, such as Study Abroad or Transfer courses, must be approved by the Digital Studies Advisor in order to count towards the minor.

If you know of a course that you would like an advisor to review for the DS minor, please use this form to submit your request.

Fall 2021

Course Listings are subject to change, particularly due to the effects of COVID-19. We will work to keep this list current. Please contact us if you have questions about any of these courses.


DIGITAL 200.001 3 credits
The Art of Podcasting
T Hetzel T/Th 2:30-4

DIGITAL 200.002 3 credits
Hoaxes, Paradoxes, Conspiracies& Lies: Confronting Fake News
Scott Beale M/W 2:30-4pm

DIGITAL 201 1 credit
How Not to Be A Troll: The Rhetoric of Online Commenting
Catherine Cassel F 12-2pm (8/30-10/15)

DIGITAL 201 1 credit
The Rhetoric of Instagram:A Workshop for Content Creators
David Karczynski F 12-2pm, (10/20-12/10)

DIGITAL 258.001 3 credits (HU)
Games, Narratives, Cultures
Tony Bushner T/Th 10-11:30am

DIGITAL 258.002 3 credits (HU)
Bullshit and Digital Rhetoric
M. Remi Yergeau M/W 11:30am-1pm

DIGITAL 258.003 3 credits (HU)
Neurodiversity & Digital Culture
M. Remi Yergeau M/W 1-2:30pm

DIGITAL 333 3 credits (SS)
Video Games and Learning
Christopher Quintana T/Th 10:30-12pm

DIGITAL 346 3 credits (HU)
Media Matter: From Print to Screen Culture
Tyler Whitney T/Th 4-5:30pm

DIGITAL 347.001 3 credits (ID)
Politics of Code
John Cheney-Lippold T/Th 4-5:30pm

DIGITAL 355.001 3 credits (CE)
Critical Data Visualization
Catherine Griffiths M/W 8:30-10am

DIGITAL 355.002 3 credits (CE)
Modern Board Games & Crowd Funding
Tony Bushner T/Th 4-5:30pm

DIGITAL 357.001 3 credits (HU)
History of the Internet
Sheila Murphy M/W 10-11:30am

DIGITAL 358.001 3 credits (ID)
Digital Visual Culture
Anna Fisher /Th 1-2:30pm


DIGITAL/SI 458.001 4 credits (ULWR)
Surveillance and Society
John Cheney-Lippold T/Th 2:30-4pm

DIGITAL/FTVM 368.001 3 credits
The Internet of Identities
Sheila Murphy M/W 8:30-10amM 4-6 Lab

DIGITAL/FTVM 380 3 credits
The Day I Met El Chapo
Colin Gunckel T/Th 1-2:30pm (LEC) and W 4-6pm (LAB)

DIGITAL/FTVM 394.001 4 credits (CE)
Intro To Virtual Reality
Yvette Granata M 4-8pm 

DIGITAL 366 3 credits (ID)
Digital Bodies
Yvette Granata W 4-8pm 

COMM 271 4 credits (HU)
Communication Revolutions 
TBD (Pre Req: Comm 101) M/W 4-5:30pm + Discussion

COMM 370 3 credits (SS+ULWR)
Social Networks
Kristin Drogos (Pre Req: Comm 102)M/W 11:30-1pm + Discussion

COMM 425 3 credits
Internet, Society, and the Law
Faith Sparr (Pre Req: Comm major)M/W 10-11:30am

English 313 3 credits (HU)
Virtual Realities: The Novel and Digital Worlds
Sara Blair M/W 1-2:30

PHIL 340 4 credits (HU)
Minds and Machines
Eric Swanson M/W 1-2:30 pm+Discussion

SI 315 3 credits
Interpersonal and PsychologicalImplications of Social Media
Oliver Haimson T/Th 1-2:30pm

SI 429 3 credits
Online Communities
Nicole Ellison W/F 10-11:30 am

(*Consult UMSI to enroll in SI courses*)

SOC 295 3 credits (SS)
Sociology of Fake News
Hailey Mooney M/W 2:30-4 pm

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