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Course Offerings

All courses with the course code "DIGITAL" at the 200-level or above may be used towards the Digital Studies minor.

Digital Studies related courses that do not appear on these lists, such as Study Abroad or Transfer courses, must be approved by theĀ Digital Studies AdvisorĀ in order to count towards the minor.

Winter 2020

DIGITAL 200.001: New Media for Non-Profits
M/W 10-11:30am, 3 credits
T Hetzel

DIGITAL 200.002: Technical Writing
T/Th 11:30-1pm, 3 credits
Shuwen Li

DIGITAL 200.003: The Art of the Photo Essay
T/TH 2:30-4pm, 3 credits
David Karczynski

DIGITAL 201.001: Fake News
F 1-3pm (1/08-2/25), 1 credit
Scott Beale

DIGITAL 201.002: The Rhetoric of Blogging
F 1-3pm (2/28-4/17), 1 credit
Scott Beale

DIGITAL 201.003: Collecting Stories
F 11-1pm (2/28-4/17), 1 credit
Carol Tell

DIGITAL 202: Digital Cultures
T/TH 1-2:30pm, 4 credits (ID)
John Cheney-Lippold

DIGITAL 333: Video Games and Learning
T/TH 10-11:30am, 3 credits (SS)
Barry Fishman

DIGITAL 358: Digital Visual Culture
T/TH 4-5:30pm, 3 credits (ID)
Anna Watkins Fisher

DIGITAL 367: Digital Media and Identity
M/W 10-11:30, M 4-6:40pm, 3 credits (HU)
Sheila Murphy

DIGITAL 376: New Media Theory
M/W 1-2:30pm, 3 credits (HU)
Sheila Murphy

ALA 470.002: Data Visualization
M/W 2:30-4pm, 3 credits
Justin Joque

COMM 251: Understanding Media Industries
M/W 10-11:30am, 3 credits
Jimmy Draper

COMM 307: Social Networks
M/W 1-2:30pm, 4 credits
Kristin Drogos

COMM 421: Media Law and Policy
M/W 1-2:30pm, 3 credits
Faith Sparr

COMM 466: Digital Global Politics
T/TH 10-11:30am, 3 credits
Muzammil Hussain

COMM 490.001: Social Media and News (only open to Comm majors)

M/W 4-5:30pm, 3 credits
Ariel Hasell

COMM 490.004: Understanding the Platform Society (only open to Comm majors)
M/W 10-11:30am, 3 credits
Caitlin Lawson

HISTART 393: Instagram as Art
T/Th 2:30-4pm, 3 credits (HU)
Tara Ward

FTVM 366.002: Visual Effects: From Melies to Marvel
T/Th 2:30-4pm, 3 credits
Mihaela Mihailova

PHIL 340: Minds and Machines
T/TH 2:30-4pm, 4 credits (HU)
Wade Munroe

SI 260: Intelligent Machines: What to do When Machines do Everything
TBD, 3 credits

SI 335: Social Media in Organizations
TBD, 3 credits

SI 431.001: Algorithms & Society
T/TH 8:30-10am, 3 credits
Sarita Schoenebeck

SI 432: Self-Organization in Science and Society
M/W 5:30-7pm, 3 credits
Ron Eglash

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