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Course Offerings

All courses with the course code "DIGITAL" at the 200-level or above may be used towards the Digital Studies minor.

Digital Studies related courses that do not appear on these lists, such as Study Abroad or Transfer courses, must be approved by the Digital Studies Advisor in order to count towards the minor.

If you know of a course that you would like an advisor to review for the DS minor, please use this form to submit your request.


Course Listings are subject to change, particularly due to the effects of COVID-19. We will work to keep this list current. Please contact us if you have questions about any of these courses.

DIGITAL 200.001: Writing with Digital and Social Media: The Art of Podcasting 
M/W 10:00-11:30, 3 credits, REMOTE
T Hetzel

DIGITAL 200.002: Writing with Digital and Social Media: The Rhetoric of Infographics
T/Th 11:30-1pm, 3 credits, REMOTE
Catherine Cassel

DIGITAL 200.003: Writing with Digital and Social Media: Technical Writing
T/Th 2:30-4pm 3 credits, REMOTE
Shuwen Li

DIGITAL 200.004: Writing with Digital and Social Media: Social Media Lifecycles: Problems, Predictions, and Breakthroughs
M/W 1-2:30 pm 3 credits, REMOTE
Julie A. Babcock

DIGITAL 201.001: Writing with Digital and Social Media Mini Course: The Art of the Photo Essay
F 1-3pm (1/22/2021 to 2/26/2021), 1 credit REMOTE
David Karczynski

DIGITAL 201.001: Writing with Digital and Social Media Mini Course: The Rhetoric of Online Dating
F 11am-1pm (1/22/2021 to 2/26/2021), 1 credit REMOTE
Carol Tell + Scott Beal

DIGITAL/AMCULT 202: Digital Cultures (ID)
M/W 8:30-10am, 4 credits, REMOTE
Tony Bushner

DIGITAL 258: Humanities Themes in Digital Studies: Technologies of Liveness (HU)
T/Th 1-2:30pm, 3 credits, REMOTE                        Li Cornfeld 

DIGITAL/SOC 285.001: Social Life in the Digital World (SS)
T/Th 4-5:30pm, 3 credits, REMOTE
Terence McGinn

DIGITAL 333: Video Games and Learning (SS)
T/Th 10-11:30am, 3 credits 
Barry Fishman

DIGITAL 358.001: Topics in Digital Studies: 

Global Digital Activism (ID)
T/Th 4-4:30pm, 3 credits, REMOTE
Elisabetta Ferrari

DIGITAL 358.002: Topics in Digital Studies: 
Digital Bodies (ID)

T/Th 2:30-4pm, 3 credits, REMOTE
Yvette Granata

DIGITAL 358.003: Topics in Digital Studies: 
Deception, Manipulation, and Privacy in the Digital Age (ID)

M/W 11:30am-1pm, 3 credits, REMOTE
Tony Bushner



DIGITAL 358.004: Topics in Digital Studies: 

How Do Algorithms See? (ID)
M/W 8:30-10am, 3 credits, REMOTE
Catherine Griffiths

DIGITAL/FTVM 367.001: Digital Media and Identity (HU)
M/W 10-11:30am, 3 credits, REMOTE
Joe DeLeon

DIGITAL/FTVM 368.001: Topics in Digital Media Studies: Video Game Culture
T/Th 2:30-4pm, 3 credits, REMOTE
Mihaela Mihailova

DIGITAL/FTVM 376.001: New Media Theory (HU+ULWR)
M/W 2:30-4pm (LEC) and 4-6pm (LAB),              3 credits, REMOTE
Joe DeLeon

DIGITAL/FTVM 394.001: Topics in Digital Media Production: Interactive Media Arts (CE)
M 4-8pm. 4 credits, REMOTE
Yvette Granata

DIGITAL/SI/AMCULT 410.001: Ethics and Information Technology (ULWR)
T/Th 5:30-7pm. 4 credits, REMOTE                 Irene Pasquetto

DIGITAL/ARCH 411.001: Becoming Digital
T/Th 8:30-11am. 3 credits, REMOTE                  Ellie Abrons

ALA 470.002: Data Visualization 
M/W 2:30-4pm. 3 credits, REMOTE

Justin Joque

COMM 362: Digital Media Foundations (ULWR)
Asynchronous, 4 credits, REMOTE              Christian Sandvig

COMM 370: Social Networks (ULWR, SS)

 M/W 11:30-1pm, 4 credits, REMOTE

Kristin Drogos 

COMM 421:  Media Law and Policy
T/Th 1-2:30, 3 credits, REMOTE                        Faith Sparr

COMM 461:  Visuality and the New Media
M/W 2:30-4pm, 3 credits, REMOTE                    Megan Ankerson (Declared Communication and Media Seniors ONLY)

PHIL 340: Minds and Machines (HU)
M/W 1-2:30 pm, 4 credits, REMOTE                      Eric Swanson

SI 431.001: Algorithms and Society
T/Th 8:30-10 am, 3 credits, REMOTE                  Sarita Schoenebeck


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