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Faculty by Fields of Study


Architectural Design - Abrons, Clutter, Eglash
Postdigital Materiality - Abrons, Fure
Prototyping / Speculative Architecture - Brueckner, Fure
Urbanism - Clutter

Critical Theory

Code Studies - Cheney-Lippold, Sandvig
Continental Philosophy - Joque
Critical Studies of Design & Computing - Andalibi, Ankerson, Eglash, Khan, Lindtner, Murray, Sandvig
Cultural Studies - Ankerson, Cheney-Lippold, Fisher, McCracken, Murray, Nakamura, Zaborowska
Digital Feminism and Feminist Theory - Aristarkhova, Cheney-Lippold, McCracken, Nakamura
Digital Media Theory - Cheney-Lippold, Fisher, Murphy, Nakamura
Embodied Rhetorics - Silver
Film Theory - Mihailova
Posthumanism - McCracken
Tech Industry Studies - Murphy, Murray

Digital Humanities

Digital Archives, Curation, and Preservation - Anderson, Conway (April), Conway (Paul), Cotera, Garcia, Hemphill
Digital Storytelling - Hetzel
Latinx Digital Humanities - Cotera
Literature - Anderson, McCracken, Zaborowska

Digital Pedagogy

Educational Technologies & Online Learning- Quintana
Multimodal Composition - Conway (April), Sessolo, Silver, Yergeau

Digital Rhetoric

Adelman, Sessolo, Silver, Yergeau

Digital Visual Culture

Ankerson, Conway (Paul), Hetzel, Murphy

Extended Reality

Blair, Mihailova, Nakamura

Human-Computer Interaction

Accessibility - Brewer, Park
Interfaces - Ackerman, Andalibi, Brueckner, Park
Mediated Interpersonal Interaction - Campbell, Ellison, Haimson, Park
Wearable Technologies - Brueckner, Garcia, Khan
Wellbeing - Andalibi, Haimson

Identity, Power, and Inequality

Accessibility - Adelman, Brewer, Garcia, Yergeau
Aging & Technology - Brewer, Murray
Black Queer Studies - Zaborowska
Comparative Feminist Theory - Aristarkhova
Feminist Global Anthropology - Lindtner
Gender, Sexuality, and Race - Andalibi, Anderson, Cotera, Garcia, Haimson, Lindtner, Mihailova, Murray, Nakamura, Ng, Zaborowska
Identity - Adelman, Andalibi, Cheney-Lippold, Haimson
Queer Disability Studies - Yergeau
Technology & Difference - Aristarkhova

Labor and Work

Alternative Economics - Eglash
Computer-supported Cooperative Work - Ackerman, Andalibi
Labor in Digital Cultures - Mihailova
Precarious Creativity - Dye, Lindtner

Media Studies

Media Aesthetics - Adelman, Ankerson, Aristarkhova, Fisher, Murphy
Media History - Ankerson, Joque, Mihailova, Murphy
Mobile Media & Communication - Campbell, Murray

Postcolonial and Transnational Digital Studies

Cultural Heritage Digitization - Conway (Paul)
Decolonization - Eglash, Khan

Race and Ethnicity

Anderson, Cotera, Desai, Dye, Mihailova, Nakamura, Ng, Panteleeva, Zaborowska
Critical Race Theory - Panteleeva
Latinx & Latin American Studies - Cotera, Dye
Slavic Studies - Panteleeva
South Asian American Studies - Desai
Transnational African American Studies - Zaborowska

Research Methodology

Digital Anthropology - Dye
Digital Humanities Pedagogy & Research - Conway (Paul)
Digital Writing Research Methods - Conway (April)
Feminist Theory & Praxis - Aristarkhova, Conway (April)
Implementation Research - Fishman
Quantitative Sociology Methods - Bruch

Science, Technology, and Society

Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Machine Learning - Andalibi, Cheney-Lippold, Eglash, Joque, Sandvig
Ethnocomputing - Eglash
Feminist Techno-science - Ankerson, Aristarkhova, Hemphill, Murray
Health Informatics - Park
Infrastructure - Campbell, Sandvig
Social Computing - Ackerman, Andalibi, Brewer, Dye, Haimson, Park, Sandvig

Social Media

Andalibi, Anderson, Bruch, Ellison, Haimson, Hemphill, Panteleeva, Sessolo

Video Game Studies

Cheney-Lippold, Fishman, Mihailova, Nakamura

Visual and Performing Arts

Dance - Silver
Interactive Art & Performance - Aristarkhova, Khan, Ng
Music & Sound Studies - Brueckner, Ng, Panteleeva
Visual Art - Brueckner, Khan