On December 7, 2022, the entire Digital Studies community was invited to the Michigan League for the DSI End of Term Celebration. Staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty got together to eat, talk, win raffle prizes, and commemorate this year and years past. 

Here are some of the attendees’ favorite things about the DSI this year:

Rachel Coffield, undergraduate minor: “My favorite part was the events they held, like the Mario Gaming Night. I also really enjoyed the study hall that they did.”

Lindsey Azu, undergraduate minor: “Learning about the different kinds of course offerings, and the opportunities to meet other students in the minor.”

Zafirah Rahman, interested minor: “I really enjoyed the study halls, as well as the different community-building events.”

Hadley Samarco, DSI Media Assistant: “My favorite part is our awesome administrative staff! I love Sarah, Eric, and Jessica very much, they’re very helpful.”

Miriam Carbajal, undergraduate minor: “My favorite part was the Mario Gaming Night—I had a lot of fun and I met a lot of people. I just declared [my minor] this semester, so I’ve been trying to meet more people in the department, and I felt that event was a really fun way to meet more people.”

Mya Strayer, undergraduate minor: “In one of my classes with Apryl Williams we were able to read her new [book] and actually give feedback… which is really, really cool—that this [research] is groundbreaking work and we are right there in it, being included in it.”

Sarah Torsch, DSI Training Coordinator: “This is the first year that we’ve offered any type of community-building events in general, so just being able to connect with our minor students, with our grad certificate students, faculty, staff—that has been really great, to put names to faces.”

Amy Dawson-Andoh, PhD candidate in Communication & Media: “[The DSI] gave me the opportunity to teach a class of my own design about video games and the global game industry [in Spring 2022]… They offered a lot of good support in terms of other syllabi and other materials that I could use for the class. The students were exceptional; I think DSI attracts some really great students.”

Kyle Lindsey, PhD candidate in American Culture and certificate student in the DSI: “My favorite part of the DSI this semester was this End of the Term celebration, because it’s the first time we’ve all been together… But I think a general highlight overall last semester—there was an undergraduate student project contest for students who were doing projects in digital studies. It was really fun to see how undergrads are engaging with the topics around society and technology.”