The AADHum Initiative is pleased to announce their second series, Black Movement(s)The 2017-2018 calendar of events is designed to support faculty, graduate students, independent scholars, and community members advance their work at the intersections of African American history, culture, and digital humanities. This year, we'll grow our community and encourage further development of critical ideas, methods, and projects with three different programs and one exciting funding opportunity:


Digital Humanities Incubators (DHI): In collaboration with MITH, AADHum will continue to offer hands-on training and coaching meant to facilitate DH projects. The Black Movement(s) series will be comprised of four modules: Movement of Ideas, Movement of the Body & the Black Arts Movement, Movement of People, and Social Movements. Short descriptions and tentative dates for each module can be found here. Attendees can participate in one or several modules, or the entire 2017-2018 sequence. Incubators are open to all, but you are strongly encouraged to register in advance so that our team can better serve your needs. 


Workshop Series: Building on the successes and lessons learned in our Spring 2017 reading group, AADHum is offering a workshop series to facilitate robust dialogue and knowledge development among faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars. Many of us are the only one (or one-of-a-few) in our departments doing digital work, which can make getting input and support to strengthen and push our projects forward challenging. The workshops offer scholars a platform to not only discuss black digital scholarship, but also to get substantive feedback on your own work from your AADHum peers. Participants are invited to circulate works-in-progress including (but not limited to) articles, conference papers, digital projects, dissertation research, grant proposals, and syllabi. Workshops will be held bi-weekly on Wednesdays, from 2-3:30pm, starting September 13, 2017. For more information or to register to share your work during the Fall 2017 workshop schedule, click here


Conversation Series: AADHum’s new conversation series brings established scholars in African American history and culture into dialogue with emerging leaders in black digital studies. Broaching conceptual quandaries, scholarly innovations and social engagement, the series offers students, faculty, and the broader community a chance to dive deep into a stimulating exchange about the current realities and future possibilities of our fields. Please stay tuned as we finalize the 2017-2018 schedule. 


AADHum Scholars: In an effort to cultivate a robust and sustainable community network for the next generation of African Americanist digital scholars, we invite faculty & graduate students in the University of Maryland System and from local universities to apply to be 2017-2018 AADHum Scholars at the UMD College Park campus. Successful applicants must demonstrate an interest and research focus in the intersection of African American History & Culture and the Digital Humanities. AADHum Scholars will receive support in the form of digital training, one-on-one consultation with MITH staff, networking with a cohort of engaged scholars, mentorship in developing digital research projects and developing African American history/cultural theory. Upon successful completion of the program's requirements, Scholars will be eligible for seed grants of up to $5,000 for graduate students and $6,500 for faculty or independent scholars. Seed grants will be distributed in summer 2018 and can be used to advance digital projects, further traditional academic research in their fields of study, and/or develop new or revised courses with African American digital humanities components. For best consideration, all application materials must be received by September 22, 2017. To apply and learn more, please click here


Please feel free to circulate this announcement widely to all interested parties. For further information about any of their events and programming, we encourage you to visit their website ( or contact their team via email (